J&L – Couples Session – Hawaii

Last March my husband planned a last minute trip to Hawaii, we were able to celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary and basically our “honeymoon” since we never got one of those..
While we were there, we had photos done, and I also photographed that talented photographer and her husband.. these two.. seriously so much love between them, and they were so fun!
2018-03-04_0001.jpg2018-03-04_0002.jpg2018-03-04_0003.jpg2018-03-04_0004.jpg2018-03-04_0005.jpg2018-03-04_0006.jpg2018-03-04_0007.jpg2018-03-04_0009.jpg2018-03-04_0010.jpg2018-03-04_0011.jpg2018-03-04_0012.jpg2018-03-04_0013.jpg2018-03-04_0014.jpg2018-03-04_0015.jpg2018-03-04_0008.jpg Interested in booking ? Contact me on my contact page, or email me at vanleeuwenphotography@gmail.com
VanLeeuwen Photography is located in Barrhead, Alberta but travels worldwide.

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