Parker & Jillian – Barrhead Wedding

This wedding was a little while ago, well when I say that it means it was actually February of 2016… so I am a little behind on blogging, but that’s okay because you still get to see this gorgeous wedding !
Jillian and Parker were so fun to work with, the consult I knew they would be up for anything! We photographed their engagement session on a cold winter day out on the farm, cows, fences, climbing bales, I am serious when I said they were up for anything. The wedding was also that! A cold winter day, with their loved ones. Girls Getting ready in Jillian’s parents home, and guys at Parker’s grandparents. ( I may have gotten stuck in the farm yard with my vehicle, and the the the brides dad hopped right into his tractor and pulled me out! -don’t have any photos sorry) The ceremony followed with the adorable church on the hill, and onto many different spots for formals. The reception was beautifully winterized with sparkles and snowflakes. During the reception I snuck them outside for a few photos. They are surrounded by so much love from family and friends and I am so honored to have captured their special day. Enjoy! Thanks to my 2nd Jess Leigh !

2016-12-28_00082016-12-28_00102016-12-28_0009 copy2016-12-28_00122016-12-28_00132016-12-28_00142016-12-28_00112016-12-28_00152016-12-28_00162017-02-13_0030 copy2016-12-28_00202016-12-28_00172016-12-28_00192016-12-28_00182017-02-13_0027 copy2017-02-13_00292017-02-13_00282016-12-28_00022016-12-28_00012016-12-28_00042016-12-28_00032016-12-28_00052016-12-28_00062016-12-28_00072017-02-13_00052017-02-13_00132017-02-13_00122017-02-13_0006 copy2017-02-13_00012017-02-13_00022017-02-13_00202017-02-13_00042017-02-13_00072017-02-13_0003 copy2017-02-13_00082017-02-13_00092017-02-13_00112017-02-13_00102017-02-13_00142017-02-13_0015 copy2017-02-13_00162017-02-13_00182017-02-13_00192017-02-13_00172017-02-13_00212017-02-13_00222017-02-13_00232017-02-13_0024 copy2017-02-13_00252017-02-13_00262017-02-13_00312017-02-13_00322017-02-13_00332017-02-13_0034 copy2017-02-13_00352017-02-13_00362017-02-13_00372017-02-13_00382017-02-13_00392017-02-13_00402017-02-13_00412017-02-13_00422017-02-13_00432017-02-13_00442017-02-13_00452017-02-13_00462017-02-13_00472017-02-13_00482017-02-13_00492017-02-13_00502017-02-13_00512017-02-13_00522017-02-13_00602017-02-13_00532017-02-13_00552017-02-13_00542017-02-13_00562017-02-13_00572017-02-13_00582017-02-13_00592017-02-13_00612017-02-13_00622017-02-13_00642017-02-13_00662017-02-13_00822017-02-13_00682017-02-13_00672017-02-13_00692017-02-13_00712017-02-13_00782017-02-13_00702017-02-13_00652017-02-13_00722017-02-13_0073 copy2017-02-13_00742017-02-13_00752017-02-13_0076 copy2017-02-13_00772017-02-13_0079 copy2017-02-13_00802017-02-13_00812017-02-13_0083 copy


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