My Children. My main reason I was interested in Photography. Barrhead Photographer

July 2012… that is when I purchased my first ever DSLR, it was a few weeks after my 2nd was born, my little guy Zayden. A family member came to the hospital with their cool fancy camera and I LOVED how the photos looked when using it… Now I want to be clear, the camera can assist to take great photos, but many other factors come into play to take an all around great photo.. Light, composition, white balance, focus and mostly emotion. When I got my camera I remember reading so many articles, books and tips, and like to think I started in the right direction. My first subjects were my kids, and I was so excited to take them out and do their photos. Fast forward that to 5 years later, with a bunch more knowledge behind me and older kids, I am still so excited to photography them, especially when they ASK me to! YES, we go do it! These are a few images I took of them last night, God has truly blessed me with these little beautiful children. I am so thrilled I can capture images of them. I already placed a print order too and cannot wait to get some new photos on my walls! These are some spots we found around town last night.

In the future I hope to host a “mini camera” course where we play with settings on our camera, and some knowledge of taking better photos of your loved ones!

Do you want some beautiful images of your kids?

2017-05-27_0001.jpg2017-05-27_0002.jpg2017-05-27_0003.jpg2017-05-27_0004.jpg2017-05-27_0005.jpgThis set is a bit different then my normal style, but I am loving it. 2017-05-27_0006.jpg2017-05-27_0007.jpg2017-05-27_0008.jpg2017-05-27_0009.jpg2017-05-27_0010.jpg2017-05-27_0011.jpgOkay, give your brother a hug, now SQUEEZE! haha2017-05-27_0012.jpg2017-05-27_0013.jpg2017-05-27_0014.jpg

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