Barrhead Winter Family Photographer – Sydney + Brittany + Niya

This family is so special to me!! Niya always has some winter photos taken around her birthday! I cannot believe she is 5 now!

Barrhead Winter Family Photographer


Little Miss N had way to much fun throwing snow at mom and Dad!

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Graham & Rachelle – Engagement Session, Barrhead Wedding Photographer

We planned these two’s engagement session for this winter so we would have beautiful snow, but the ground and trees were looking pretty bare… perfectly, the day before their session we received an abundance! As I photographed them with snow in my boots, (Knee highs just to let you picture how much snow there was) I felt this beautiful love and bond these two had for one another (sounds cheesy I know). Rachelle was full of giggles, and she simply adores Graham, and he would know exactly what to do or say to make her do that. They sure get each other! Their dog was also super cute, you need to check out those eyes!  You both were so amazing to photograph in the deep, cold snow.. I am looking forward to your wedding today, and to the many giggles!


J&L – Couples Session – Hawaii

Last March my husband planned a last minute trip to Hawaii, we were able to celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary and basically our “honeymoon” since we never got one of those..
While we were there, we had photos done, and I also photographed that talented photographer and her husband.. these two.. seriously so much love between them, and they were so fun!
2018-03-04_0001.jpg2018-03-04_0002.jpg2018-03-04_0003.jpg2018-03-04_0004.jpg2018-03-04_0005.jpg2018-03-04_0006.jpg2018-03-04_0007.jpg2018-03-04_0009.jpg2018-03-04_0010.jpg2018-03-04_0011.jpg2018-03-04_0012.jpg2018-03-04_0013.jpg2018-03-04_0014.jpg2018-03-04_0015.jpg2018-03-04_0008.jpg Interested in booking ? Contact me on my contact page, or email me at
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Damian & Nancy – Barrhead Engagement

These two hold a very, very special place in my heart. Damian is my younger brother and Nancy his amazing Fiancee who I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year. Tonight we had the rehearsal as I am in the wedding, and as a pregnant emotional sister I am, I was a blubbering mess.. Tomorrow is a very happy and emotional day! I am so excited to have a new sister, and for my brother to marry the love of his life. Nancy and Damian had their engagement session on an extremely frozen winter day but the sun peaked out at the end. A lot of snuggles had to be done to keep warm but I love the connection they have. -Enjoy the photos! 2017-08-18_00012017-08-18_00022017-08-18_00032017-08-18_00042017-08-18_00052017-08-18_00062017-08-18_00082017-08-18_00092017-08-18_00102017-08-18_00112017-08-18_00122017-08-18_00132017-08-18_00072017-08-18_0014

Jos & Mackenzie – Engagement – Barrhead

So you may remember this surprise proposal from last year! Jos contacted me before the session with his plans! I think we both played it pretty cool and Mackenzie had no idea. So with these two, technically I photographed 2 engagement sessions. The proposal took place on Jos’s parent’s farm. Keep scrolling to see their part 2 engagement session.



So we had to reschedule a couple of times due to not so nice weather, and so on. Finally we got together and created some very amazing engagement photos. We headed to Fort Assiniboine, a favorite place that couples like, there is quite the variety to shoot there. These two are so in love, and have been with each other for many years. So honored they chose me to photograph their engagement and wedding ! Today is the wedding, the weather is not looking that cooperative, but we will make the best of it and create stunning portraits.



Parker & Jillian – Barrhead Wedding

This wedding was a little while ago, well when I say that it means it was actually February of 2016… so I am a little behind on blogging, but that’s okay because you still get to see this gorgeous wedding !
Jillian and Parker were so fun to work with, the consult I knew they would be up for anything! We photographed their engagement session on a cold winter day out on the farm, cows, fences, climbing bales, I am serious when I said they were up for anything. The wedding was also that! A cold winter day, with their loved ones. Girls Getting ready in Jillian’s parents home, and guys at Parker’s grandparents. ( I may have gotten stuck in the farm yard with my vehicle, and the the the brides dad hopped right into his tractor and pulled me out! -don’t have any photos sorry) The ceremony followed with the adorable church on the hill, and onto many different spots for formals. The reception was beautifully winterized with sparkles and snowflakes. During the reception I snuck them outside for a few photos. They are surrounded by so much love from family and friends and I am so honored to have captured their special day. Enjoy! Thanks to my 2nd Jess Leigh !

2016-12-28_00082016-12-28_00102016-12-28_0009 copy2016-12-28_00122016-12-28_00132016-12-28_00142016-12-28_00112016-12-28_00152016-12-28_00162017-02-13_0030 copy2016-12-28_00202016-12-28_00172016-12-28_00192016-12-28_00182017-02-13_0027 copy2017-02-13_00292017-02-13_00282016-12-28_00022016-12-28_00012016-12-28_00042016-12-28_00032016-12-28_00052016-12-28_00062016-12-28_00072017-02-13_00052017-02-13_00132017-02-13_00122017-02-13_0006 copy2017-02-13_00012017-02-13_00022017-02-13_00202017-02-13_00042017-02-13_00072017-02-13_0003 copy2017-02-13_00082017-02-13_00092017-02-13_00112017-02-13_00102017-02-13_00142017-02-13_0015 copy2017-02-13_00162017-02-13_00182017-02-13_00192017-02-13_00172017-02-13_00212017-02-13_00222017-02-13_00232017-02-13_0024 copy2017-02-13_00252017-02-13_00262017-02-13_00312017-02-13_00322017-02-13_00332017-02-13_0034 copy2017-02-13_00352017-02-13_00362017-02-13_00372017-02-13_00382017-02-13_00392017-02-13_00402017-02-13_00412017-02-13_00422017-02-13_00432017-02-13_00442017-02-13_00452017-02-13_00462017-02-13_00472017-02-13_00482017-02-13_00492017-02-13_00502017-02-13_00512017-02-13_00522017-02-13_00602017-02-13_00532017-02-13_00552017-02-13_00542017-02-13_00562017-02-13_00572017-02-13_00582017-02-13_00592017-02-13_00612017-02-13_00622017-02-13_00642017-02-13_00662017-02-13_00822017-02-13_00682017-02-13_00672017-02-13_00692017-02-13_00712017-02-13_00782017-02-13_00702017-02-13_00652017-02-13_00722017-02-13_0073 copy2017-02-13_00742017-02-13_00752017-02-13_0076 copy2017-02-13_00772017-02-13_0079 copy2017-02-13_00802017-02-13_00812017-02-13_0083 copy


David & Kimberly – Engagement Session

When I first met these two at my studio, I was so flattered they chose me to be their wedding photographer. I was excited to be working with them! They are super cute, funny, and adventurous. We photographed their engagement session in the freezing cold… I cannot remember how cold it was, but I could not feel my fingers after. We traveled around Fort Assiniboine to various locations; seems to be a favorite for my clients as there is such a variety in such a small place! Since it was so cold David & Kimberly had to snuggle a lot more to keep warm. I LOVED how their engagement session turned out, we had a gorgeous sunset to finish off the evening. I am so excited for their wedding on Saturday! It will be a fun-filled day capturing these two and their love story.
Here is a few images from David and Kimberly’s engagement session.



Hello, my name is Kim, I am a fun and experienced Wedding and Portrait Photographer from Barrhead Alberta. I have a small studio located right in town.
I do travel so do not let that limit you! Weddings and sessions have brought me near and far. Iceland, Mexico, Ontario to name a few. My passport is up to date and I am ready to adventure.

I photograph many types of photography; Weddings & Events, Newborns (in & out of studio), Engagement, Families, Maternity, Children, Baby Milestones and Everyday Life!

Wedding Packages begin at only $2400 plus gst, Family Portrait sessions begin at $250 plus gst and Studio Newborn begins at $375 plus gst.  

If you are loving my work, and would love to chat, please contact me! I would love to capture some amazing memories for you.

My Children. My main reason I was interested in Photography. Barrhead Photographer

July 2012… that is when I purchased my first ever DSLR, it was a few weeks after my 2nd was born, my little guy Zayden. A family member came to the hospital with their cool fancy camera and I LOVED how the photos looked when using it… Now I want to be clear, the camera can assist to take great photos, but many other factors come into play to take an all around great photo.. Light, composition, white balance, focus and mostly emotion. When I got my camera I remember reading so many articles, books and tips, and like to think I started in the right direction. My first subjects were my kids, and I was so excited to take them out and do their photos. Fast forward that to 5 years later, with a bunch more knowledge behind me and older kids, I am still so excited to photography them, especially when they ASK me to! YES, we go do it! These are a few images I took of them last night, God has truly blessed me with these little beautiful children. I am so thrilled I can capture images of them. I already placed a print order too and cannot wait to get some new photos on my walls! These are some spots we found around town last night.

In the future I hope to host a “mini camera” course where we play with settings on our camera, and some knowledge of taking better photos of your loved ones!

Do you want some beautiful images of your kids?

2017-05-27_0001.jpg2017-05-27_0002.jpg2017-05-27_0003.jpg2017-05-27_0004.jpg2017-05-27_0005.jpgThis set is a bit different then my normal style, but I am loving it. 2017-05-27_0006.jpg2017-05-27_0007.jpg2017-05-27_0008.jpg2017-05-27_0009.jpg2017-05-27_0010.jpg2017-05-27_0011.jpgOkay, give your brother a hug, now SQUEEZE! haha2017-05-27_0012.jpg2017-05-27_0013.jpg2017-05-27_0014.jpg

Country Engagement Session – Barrhead – Westlock – Troy & Christine

I drove out to Troy & Christine’s home in the country, after totally “not” getting lost 😛 … We had a great time with some gorgeous sunshine! Troy adores Christine, and it is no lie that is also mutual on her part. Their yard was full of endless possibilities for photos! Here are a few of my favourites! Today these two join in marriage, and their families also join to become one! So excited to see how stunning you will look Christine! Although we didn’t plan for snow, I think it will make things just even more awesome!

Engagement Photographer – Aubrie&Adam – Barrhead/Westlock Photographer

I met these two a couple years ago, I photographed the grooms sister’s wedding. When Aubrie contacted me about her wedding I was quite excited! She is such a sweetheart, with a fun personality! I joined them on their acreage for their engagement session, so many awesome spots around the yard! So excited for your wedding tomorrow!